Misc Course Content

This page includes educational material from situations where I did not design a full course (co-teaching, industrial workshops, one-off lectures). This content is made available in the interest of sharing educational material with any who might find it useful.

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Note: All documents were originally written in Google Docs and converted to PDF. There may be some formatting errors in slides that did not exist in the original document. If you would like access to the original Google Docs version, please contact me.

DIT 092 - Miniproject: Team Programming (Fall 2019)

  • Tutorial Session 1: Version Control and Issue Reporting [PDF, PPTX]
  • Lecture 4: Introduction to Agile Development [PDF, PPTX]

DIT 341 - Mobile and Web Development (Fall 2019)

  • Lecture 9: Mobile Development with Android [PDF, PPTX]
  • Lecture 10: Mobile Development with Android 2 [PDF, PPTX]